Ultima Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF Purei


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Specifications  Ultima Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF
Type  Water purifier
Total Capacity 10L
Auto/Manual Auto
Standards USEPA standards on Purification: Meets stringent criteria of Environmental Protection Agency, EPA(USA) for harmful virus and bacteria removal
Purification technology  PP Melt Blown Pre sediment filter, Pre- RO Carbon, Mesh filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UV reactor, Post RO Carbon filter and Micro filtration membrane
Stages of purification Advance 7 stage purification
Purified water flow rate  Approximately 24 litres/hr
Pressure rating  10 psi to 30 psi
Automatic shut-off  Yes
Body/ Surface material Food safe, non-toxic, engineering plastics
Indicators  Tank Full Indicator, Advance Alert System
Safety/protection Advance Alert warns you 15 days before filter expiry and Auto Shut Off stops water if filter is not changed. 100% guarantee of safe and water.
Made in India
Colors  Black
Dispensing Press button